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19 May 2015 @ 01:27 pm

Been a month since school has almost started.
well, i wasnt looking forward to school really, because of GDP.
turns out it isnt that bad after all. but still, my drug knowledge still is pretty weak.
as for FYP, all is smooth. turns out the project is really easy compared to the rest. thank god.

training has been good too! currently 20+ in the team including the seniors.
super impressed with the intake this year.
though some are still learning to swim, i can see their improvement throughout the past two/three weeks.
now we just have to train their stamina and make them play a game in the deeper pool.
but that they really need to do, is be on time for training,
and state when they are not coming or are gonna arrive late -.- and the two that ALWAYS appear at like 7pm for training.
year 2 so busy already meh?

ok, its gonna be a month since the boy has went to brunei.
or less, when you come back for a break.

now i just want time to past by.
get over with the exams and classes
and know my intern placing.

17 February 2015 @ 04:20 pm
urgh, wanted to post from my phone but then the app crashed -.-

anyways, the current week is CNY, and also the study break.
i really need to start with revision. how much hate i have.

well, i guess the past few days have been pretty fun.
starting off with saturday, meeting a bunch of army boys can be pretty fun.
and then fireworks on sunday.
monday: retail therapy and also meeting with joline who's going back to perth real soon.
and well, today. thank god you stay near me. like finally someone who stays close (:


other than that, fuck those two faced people.
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13 February 2015 @ 11:23 pm
two more weeks until the end of my year 2 life in poly.
well things have been pretty crazy these past few months, but i guess good things do come soon.
march will start out being busy. going to malaysia and then coming back for the drug competency test.
damn i'll be so tired.

but i self declared the start of my holiday today. HAHA.

lets hope that saturday and sunday will be a good day.
a good day to the both of us. 
23 October 2014 @ 09:17 pm
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22 June 2014 @ 11:26 pm

been three days since i came back from CRIV 4D3N camp in ubin.
all i can say about it, is that it was draining.
not being able to be in our comfort zone, going to our learning zone, and then panic

although i did not reach the panic zone, the learning zone was very challenging
having to do the high elements which i do not like, even after trying about 5 times.
the fear of heights just makes me not being able to do it.
but after all the encouragement of the team i did the canopy walk.
and being the fourth one from the two teams, and the first to do it in my team, was really an accomplishment.
rock climbing. although i didnt climb high due to my knee injuries, i tried my best and made it about 10 meters up.
being able to work with people from other teams during pipe and zoom in zoom out challenge allowed us to have connections with one another.
not being able to communicate as some of us were restricted from talking, thus only being able to use other communication methods for the message to be brought across.
this allowed us to think about other possible methods that we could use, and also cooperation with one another; for example if one is talking, the rest of us should listen.

the second day was the most draining in my opinion.
having to trek for long hours with our heavy bags, tents, sparse and also having low energy levels due to the lack of food.
although we had dinner and breakfast, it wasnt enough as we had to share with 14 others.
with breakfast only consisted for a slice of bread with kaya.
this trained our stamina and also tolerance. trekking under the hot sun with mosquitoes is not really ideal.
the only part of the day we looked forward to was dinner and also the time to rest.
which did not go as plan as we were not being able to bathe, letting us to remain sticky and filthy.
the bites we got irritated us and the night was just so warm until about 4am when it started to rain.
yes, the rain may have been cooling, but the rain seeped through the tents and the wind was really strong that the tent almost collapsed.

got to say it was the best day since it was the sea expedition (:
finally got to get my tan, even if its fking ugly right now, being too dark. sigh pie.
my partner, thank you so much winston.
i barely did anything except for the rafting part, since wins offered to kayak us around.
and even finding a shady spot for us to rest under as we waited for the rest.
but still, the only part that got so annoying, was when our kayak nearly went into the drain...
after telling the rest of the kayaks to move forward they still didnt want to. WHAT IF I WENT IN _|_
and also being judged for peeing in the mangroves.
fucking hell man! i needed to pee. there's no toilets. the water's already dirty, so why not?
at least it wasnt me peeing into the pool or the water you drink from right?
night ended well with the campfire :D
being able to see the those form ALHPA perform, and supporting those from BRAVO.

final day, nothing much.
all i can say is that, WE FUCKING SURVIVED.
well, thank you everyone for the whole experience.

polo camp tomorrow, more fun (:
lets hope it'll be like last year or even better 
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11 June 2014 @ 11:28 am
it's finally midweek, two more days until the two weeks holiday.
even so, i am barely free, packed with camps and yet coaching on sunday...

it's already week 8 since school has started.
time is passing way too fast.
half way through Y2S1, almost the ending of semester.

POLITE for the boys' approaching.
train hard guys, you will deserve what you trained for.
a month more, i cant wait. how exciting the matches will be.
how bout myself? hmm, training may be a tad bit boring.
but meh, i dont want to be a bother to them.
those that i'm close to, they're going to leave soon. for intern and all.
sigh pie, if only i could just remain spending more time with them.
they've been my support for the past one year.

and it's time for me to prepare for my polite in oct i think.
urgh, back to doing well. but i feel too slow, everything i had is gone.
sprints are too slow, i think i have officially retired, but yet i keep going to the pool >__>

i want to tell you to not go, but i just can't. STAY. please stay.
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20 May 2014 @ 12:08 am

rainy night, a nice time to think.
cold. just sitting here without my fan on.
where are you?
if only you were here.

just sitting/lying on my bed with the lights off, with the only light source being from my window.
the company and warmth from each other, after a tiresome day at school.
why? why do you have to be so far from me?
i miss you. i miss you a lot.

sometimes you're such a tease.
thinking to myself what do you want? i just don't know.
but wells, seeing you smile makes me happy (:
like my day just gets lightened up, even if i get moody.

so what's the problem now? i ask myself
maybe it just lies in me, i'm the problem.

i want you here. right now. by my side. putting me to sleep
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17 May 2014 @ 08:48 pm
one month has passed since school started.
problem 5 being this coming monday, and also soon it'll be the start of UT1.

two more weeks and it'll be june.
time is passing way too fast

both school and training's going to get tougher.
the problems being more challenging, and the nearing of polite.
well, although i won't be taking part with the boys, the pain we go through together just feels good.
i do admit i'm lazy as fuck.
but that wednesday's 20x25m sprints with 20 squats. (did a frigging total of 400) was fun. HAHA. yes, fun.
the after ache, and knowing i did my best was worth it

guys, stop eating macs or fast food after training please.

the new intake, just hoping the girls will stay. i think they will.
the weaker swimmers, at least they're trying their best with the sets.
those on intern travelling down for training after it. thank you for your hard work.
the year 3s. i hate to say this. but. i really do not want them to go.
been with them for a year, them being my support. being the ones i'm closer to, taking care of me etc.

i do not want semester one to end yet. never.
the class has been fun. i think i may improve my chinese after hearing those explain in chinese.
fucking drugs. 102 to memorize within the 15 weeks.

someone save me!!

to the annoying bunch of boys that bully me every single time.
tyvm. time to train hard and work hard (Y)
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14 May 2014 @ 03:32 pm

Decided to finally update this place after years.
Looked back at all the last posts which were in 2010, but finally got to delete them.
Well, some were good, while the rest were on my blog. (it still exists, ive not deleted it)

All the fangirling moments when I was still into kpop.
Yes, I'm glad to say that I have finally stopped.
No more longer spending that much money on them. I'd rather spend it on something else.
More on clothes, food, and things that are necessary.
Like really, thinking back, WTF was wrong with me? Young and getting addicted to the kwave.
The amount of money I spent. FUCK? I think it may have reach to about $1k

Moving on.
So, why did I decide to return?
Well, maybe I just wanted somewhere to just vent or share my thoughts. Used to be a very frequent blogger.

LULZZZ, and I cannot believe how horrible my english was. Primary school... just forgive me for it :P

CLASS IS BORING.Like mfking boring.
How long is this faci going to talk. her monotone, and a lab session in the afternoon. seriously?
Protocol. Yes, a wonder way to improve my english and my sentence phrasing. In a third person's point of view.

why the hell did I choose this course?
well, it is not that bad, other than just needing to memories a lot of drugs.
I can never look at a tablet differently. I even read the box before taking it.

Waiting for training.
Like really, I do not know what i'll do without them.
Even after all the bullying or teasing, I still love them. My brothers, ok not
But me being the older child, theyre like the siblings that I never had, and always wanted.
Really really really appreciate them.
Though I did not really want to join waterpolo a year ago. But I still managed a year with them.

And to my lovely friends in both Y1S1 and Y1S2, well also those I just met in Y2S1.
Really glad that I met you too. Though some can just fucking fuck off. YES YKNOW WHO IM REFERRING TO

that'll be all for now. tomorrow will be a better day. well it should be since it's a day i'll never forget.

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